What do the Plinker Games look like?

By: penglish Posted in Rules

Plinker Systems LLC has designed and manufactured the latest in indoor shooting technology. The underlying goal is to get more people involved in competitive shooting and this is why we have created a new sport – The Sport of Plinker. Most shooters know what plinking is right? For those who don’t, plinking is when you go out and shoot tin cans. It gets its name from the sound made when the bullet hits the can (PLINK)! We have brought this age old activity into the 21st century by integrating it with computer technology and the internet.

The sport is designed around the Electronic Plate Rack. There are 9 steel plates on the electronic plate rack and each has a sensor on the back to detect bullet impact. In the base of the unit, there are 9 lasers which identify which plate you are to shoot. A tablet computer in the shooting booth controls the plate rack. If you hit the plate, while the laser is “lit”, you score points. In this sport, the fewer points the better. This means that if you miss, you are awarded penalty points.

There are a variety of games that can be played, but they don’t all work the same way. Here is how most of the games work:

  • First, you choose the display pattern. The display pattern is the order in which the plates are “lit”. For example, the game Front Nine displays the targets in order from top to bottom (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9). After choosing the display pattern (game), you specify the display interval. This is the period of time the laser stays on for each target. Finally, you choose your division. Your division is based on the caliber of gun you are shooting.
  • After selecting your game, display interval and division, you are ready to shoot. Press the START GAME button on the tablet to begin. You will have 5 seconds to load your handgun and get into position. The first thing you will see is the ALL FLASH, or all of the lasers will come on for a brief period of time (less than 1 second). This is your indication that the game has started. Next, each plate will be “lit” for the period of time you specified in the DISPLAY INTERVAL. The order in which they are displayed depends on the game you selected. (There is a preview button you can touch to see what the pattern looks like.)
  • The object of the game is to hit the plate that is currently lit. If you miss the plate your score increases. Keep in mind that you must hit the plate while the laser is on (i.e. lit). Too soon or too late and it is considered a miss. Once the game has finished (no more lasers come on), you touch the GET RESULTS button on the tablet to retrieve your results and your score is displayed. Remember low score wins!

Currently all of the games except one work as described above. The exception to this is called the LIGHTS OUT game. In the Lights Out game, all of the plates start out lit and go out when you hit them. If you hit all the plates your score is simply the total time it took for you to “clear” the plate rack. In this game, the DISPLAY INTERVAL determines how much time you have to hit all the targets. For example, if you choose a display interval of 1 second, you will have (1 sec * 9 targets) = 9 seconds to clear the plate rack. If you choose a 2 second display interval, you will have 18 seconds to clear the plate rack.

Watch the video below to get a preview of what the games look like!

If you're also interested in how the scoring is calculated then watch this video.​