Seattle city council fires the first shot

By: penglish Posted in Public Announcements

Wow. It's really happening. Atlas may be shrugging in Seattle. The bureaucrats are thinking for their voters who must not be capable of making decisions themselves. In this article, the National Shooting Sports Foundation describes what has just happened in the upper northwest.

The Seattle City Council voted unanimously this week to adopt an additional tax on the retail sales of all firearms and ammunition. Disguised as a “Gun Violence Tax,” Council Bill 118437 will require retailers to pay a $25 tax on each firearm, two cents on each .22-caliber round and a nickel on all other rounds of ammunition sold in the city. Ordinance supporters claim it will help deter criminals from purchasing firearms. Council President Tim Burgess championed the measure and opined, “I think it’s very reasonable to expect a multibillion-dollar-a-year industry, the gun industry, to help offset the cost.”

NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Larry Keane told CNN Money, the tax “... is like imposing a tax on a pharmacy to address a heroin epidemic.” This misguided ordinance will do nothing to benefit public safety, but will penalize law-abiding businesses and Seattle taxpayers, who will bear the costs of defending against one or more lawsuits due to the clear violation of Washington State’s firearms preemption law. NSSF testified against the ordinance and will continue to work on this issue. We will keep you informed of developments.