Shot Spot
970 Hays Mill Road, Carrollton, Georgia, 30117, United States

Shot Spot is a family owned business located in Carrollton, Georgia. Shot Spot is one of the most state of the art indoor shooting and retail facilities in the United States. The 18,000+ Square Foot facility houses a very unique shooting range with many different types of lanes for the public to shoot on.

The range is computer controlled with 8-15 yard static lanes pistol only, 8 25-yard dynamic pistol rifle shotgun and 3-100 yard rifle lanes. The dynamic will have two and three gun competition. We will have small-bore pistol and rifle competition. The range has an excellent ventilation system, lighting, and heating and air conditioning. We provide the community a safe, friendly, clean and convenient place to shoot. Shot Spot makes shooting possible regardless of the weather, season, or time of day to shoot.