How the electronic plate rack works

By: plinker Posted in FAQ

Plinker System's electronic plate rack is a state of the art, laser-driven, electro-mechanical device for competitive pistol shooting. The plate rack itself is built out of steel with AR500 armor plates to both protect the structure and present the targets. Inside the base of the plate rack, is a custom-designed computer that also houses a radio for communicating with the booth-located tablet and the sensors on the back of each plate. In the shooting booth, the tablet computer also interfaces with the WiFi adapter for communicating each shooter's scores with their own account the website portal.

When the shooter starts a game, lasers in the base will identify which target plate the shooter should engage. Depending on the game, the plates will be identified in a specific sequence. If the shooter hits the target -while the laser is illuminating the target - he/she will get match points for that target. However, if the shooter misses the target or hits a different plate, penalty points will be awarded for that plate.

Low score wins!

The way to improve your score is by reducing the "display interval" of each plate. For example, if two shooters are going to play the same game and shooter A wants to beat shooter B, he must reduce the display interval in order to score more points. After each game, your scores are uploaded to the website where you can review the results from your computer or mobile device.​

We often hear "but you can't shoot steel indoors". The reason you hear this is because no one has ever created a steel target designed to explicitly control bullet splatter or "spall". The Plinker Systems Electronic Plate Rack was designed from the ground up to control bullet fragments. We still do not recommend shooting the Electronic Plate Rack at distances less than 12 yards, but yes you can shoot steel indoors safely. Of course one should always wear eye and hearing protection when shooting, regardless of the location or environment.